Tuesday, March 20, 2007


How to Submit a Story to Digg.com…

1.Create an account with Digg.com by clicking "Join Digg" in the top right
hand corner of the homepage (very simple).

2.Once a member, click the "Submit a New Story" link located under the
search bar in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

3.This will prompt you with a box for the story's (or in our case the
blog's) URL.

4.Enter the URL and click "continue."

5.Enter the story's (or blog's) title and a short description (this is
where we put our individual blogs' URLs as well as the class blog's URL).

6.Choose a topic from the provided list.

7.Enter the security word shown in box.

8.Click "Submit Story."

9.Most likely this will take you to a page that informs you that the story
you are trying to submit might be a duplicate of a story someone else
submitted. Scroll down and click "Continue, Submit."

10.Your "Profile" will contain all the stories you Submit.

Monday, March 19, 2007


The Buzz Team
March 19, 2007

The Buzz Team has generated sources of information and feedback through
the internet using Digg.com. We have submitted all of the individual
class blogs, as stories, to Digg.com and "dugg" all of them! In addition,
we submitted other non-class blogs that relate to our blogs in order to
generate more traffic through backlinks.

When submitting these stories, we added our name, personal blog site, and
class blog site to each description in order to link our studies to other
related blogs out there. This should help us to get noticed and to
produce more feedback.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Buzz Team Proposal #1


Buzz Team Proposal #1

Members and Roles
Leader – Kyle G
Speaker/Presenter – Tara B
Liaison – Dan G
Writer – Mark B
Innovator – Kristian E

The Mission or goal of our group is to generate sources of information and feedback through the internet by linking to new and information sites. By doing this we will help our blog get known and also will generate places for bloggers to go when in need of information or feedback. Another part of our job is to make this as easy as possible so it isn’t a complicated thing for bloggers to use.

1 – Generate a Large amount of Sites for feedback and links
2 – Create a easy to use guide for linking to sites
3 – Gather any information that other groups can provide to help us

Mon, Feb 26 – Hand in Proposal
Mon, Mar 5 – Generate a source of sites to link to
Mon, Mar 12 – Form a page of links to the sites and how to link them with a blog
Mon, Mar 19 – Finalize aspects of the project