Tuesday, March 20, 2007


How to Submit a Story to Digg.com…

1.Create an account with Digg.com by clicking "Join Digg" in the top right
hand corner of the homepage (very simple).

2.Once a member, click the "Submit a New Story" link located under the
search bar in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.

3.This will prompt you with a box for the story's (or in our case the
blog's) URL.

4.Enter the URL and click "continue."

5.Enter the story's (or blog's) title and a short description (this is
where we put our individual blogs' URLs as well as the class blog's URL).

6.Choose a topic from the provided list.

7.Enter the security word shown in box.

8.Click "Submit Story."

9.Most likely this will take you to a page that informs you that the story
you are trying to submit might be a duplicate of a story someone else
submitted. Scroll down and click "Continue, Submit."

10.Your "Profile" will contain all the stories you Submit.